Future of Online Retail?

With University ball season a week away a majority of student ticket holders will be surfing multiple online retail channels in efforts of finding the perfect outfit. With stress levels on the rise many will gamble money and delivery times on a dress that has a high probability of not fitting.

However you can finally breathe a sigh of relief and remove that measuring tape from around your wast due to the potential redesigning and transformation of a leading online retail store creating a new never before seen shopping journey.

ASOS has grown to become a leading online retail brand for the 20-something fashion-conscious consumer. Their success has been in part due to having the ability to sell on-trend fast fashion and lifestyle products at affordable prices. As well adapting to eCommerce platforms built around the likes of Instagram, an example being their #AsSeenOnMe campaign embedded into the heart of the ASOS website.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 5.43.22 pm
Source: ASOS

However an RMIT Master of Marketing student has come up with further tweaks to challenge the current ASOS customer experience. From surveying existing consumers and monitoring social media platforms a percentage customer experience passivity stemmed from the brand being solely online based. From issues evolving around sizing, fit, personalisation, quality and timing within the purchasing sequence, the focus turned to how ASOS could make immediate improvements.

Source: ASOS women’s product measurements

Proposed improvements:

  1. The monitoring and tracking of delivery items to be embedded within the website and app.
  2. The implementation of body scanning technology created through augmented reality and UX design elements allowing for consumers to trial producing prior to purchase.
  3. Offer consumers personalised style recommendations based on data collected.
  4. Building consumer engagement and maintaining an on-going conversation with the brand through a growing social media community (#AsSeenOnMe).

Further allowing the millennial consumer to bridge the gap between online and offline retail.

So what are you thoughts? Would you be happy to use this body scanning technology when online shopping or are you happy to stay with the traditional tape measure?

4 thoughts on “Future of Online Retail?

  1. Body scanning tech would be a win for me. I hate buying clothes online but never get the chance to get to the physical shops. It really would be a game changer for online retailers, hopefully an improvement like this isn’t too far away.

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    1. Hey! I’m with you on this one! I am getting tired of each brand having different sizing systems basically making it inevitable that i will return the product. Making matters worse some online-shopping sites don’t even have a free returns policy leaving a consumer with a bad online retail experience. So by implementing technology like body scanning i think it would save both retailer and consumer time, patience and money! I would return to a site that had this and i’m 100% sure my friends and family would too!


  2. Unfortunately nothing beats trying on clothes in store, but I’d definitely be keen to see body scanning technology if it means a more realistic fit in terms of buying clothes, there are too many variables when it comes to women and clothing sizes.

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    1. Hey! If you asked me maybe 5 years ago what i enjoyed better online or bricks and mortar stores i would have agreed with you. However today it is so much easier and convenient to shop online. I find going in-store can be great if you find what you need, the sizing is on point and the customer service is memorable but 9 times out of 10 this is unlikely leaving me tired and unmotivated to return to the store. There are many positives to body scanning technology however i can see your doubts about variables due to many brands following different sizing constraints ect.


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