A smiley face in the right place can improve your email marketing campaigns

Take a look at your most recent text messages. Are emojis used? Most definitely! Emojis have entered the world of marketing and are trending! From uplifting email subject lines to allowing consumers to easily order Dominos by messaging a pizza emoji. Emojis are everywhere!


However the real question here is how can digital marketers use emojis effectively in their email campaigns to increase their open rate and audience engagement. Firstly there are a few things to assess before spraying your subject lines with emojis.

  1. Begin with understanding your audience and associating demographics. Ensure that your emojis are aligned with the correct consumers and that they comprehend the meanings of the image.
  2. Avoid creating confusing messages. Too many emojis or the wrong type can create confusion and push back potential consumers rather than pull them in. Emojis are a new marketing tool so align them correctly to your strategy.
  3. Use emojis to encourage engagement. Emojis can be a clever way to draw attention to a call-to-action, amplify emotional triggers or a begin conversation. Placing an emoji in your email’s subject line can also save space and allow your email to stand out from a crowded inbox.
  4. Use emojis to add a personal touch to your email campaign. Emojis can give brands a natural extension of voice and personality. However remember that not all emojis can be used for every scenario. Apply emojis to a criteria of relevance, occurrence, audience understanding, and whether the use of an emoji will improve the conveyance of your message.

    Source: appboy
  5. Finally understanding the appropriate time and place to use emojis is essential. Certain industries can not freely use emojis due to professionalism and tone so knowing when to exclude the images is key.


So with these tips in mind would you consider using emojis in your next email campaign? Let me know below! search.jpg




6 thoughts on “A smiley face in the right place can improve your email marketing campaigns

  1. I definitely take more notice of advertising campaigns that use emojis! I guess it makes it seem more colloquial and if I’m scrolling my newsfeed I might assume it’s something from a friend instead of an ad, which is what very clever on the company’s behalf! I agree that it can be a bit much at times though, especially when organisations use them gratuitously. Loved this piece 🙌🏼

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    1. Hey Leah, i’m 100% in agreement with you. I too take more notice of advertising campaigns that use emojis! Usually thats why i enjoy the brand and connect with their products and services. I think adding an emoji in an email or marketing campaign can make the content more personal and intimate with the consumer making them feel like extra effort has been made. However like you say over use of emojis is a headache and can be a turn off for consumers leading them to un-subscribe from their content.

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  2. I actually find when a company uses emojis, it makes them appear to be a lot more relatable. I’m presuming it’s because I usually relate emojis with conversations with family and friends, so I think when a brand uses it they somewhat start to fall in to that category in my mind. Definitely can be an effective strategy.

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    1. Hey Mary! I totally agree with you. I too associate emoji’s with light-hearted communication with family and friends so if brands are using it with the same intention it is a win. However if their tone and over-use is a frequent occurrence i will be a consumer pushed away from the emoji white noise!


  3. Really interesting post! I would definitely consider using emojis if appropriate for the target! It would be interesting to get opinions from different generations on this. I would assume older generations having pretty different opinions

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    1. Hey! Demographics is definitely a factor to consider when posting to audience segments. From the email campaigns i have received from favoured clothing brands i have noticed that they fill the email subject line with emojis to draw you into opening. I understand that the brands that i may be interested in may not be targeting older consumer segments therefore over-using of emojis they can deem questionably acceptable. However it does make you ponder if our grandparents are receiving email campaigns with shopping emojis in the subject lines too?


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