Bricking News: Lego uploads new child-friendly social network

Danish toymaker, Lego recently has overtaken Ferrari as Brand Finance’s ‘World’s most powerful brand. From physical toys and clothing, to blockbuster movies and theme parks, Lego is determined to build on it’s small yet powerful two-by-four brick empire. The missing piece just may be their ‘LEGO life’ social media application.

Transitioning from toy brick to mobile application LEGO Life is an new social network specifically designed for children aged 13 and younger to engage safely in all things Lego. In other words, it is basically a Lego-themed Instagram with strict commentary restrictions and bulk Lego ads.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 4.38.07 pm.png
Source: Lego Instagram

Users are encouraged to post pictures of their brick-built masterpieces, follow other builders, and comment on posts with special Lego emoji’s. The application offers building challenges as a way to try and jump-start creativity in kids. Also serving as a centralised place for users to consume Lego marketing content, with product lines such as Star Wars being promoted through videos and pop-up imagery. Moreover social media accounts of famous Lego characters like ‘Lego Batman’ are attached to comment on creations and communicate with consumers.

Source: LEGO Life

With the application focusing on safety and creativity, head of LEGO Life, Rob Lowe says “we have created something that we feel will inspire kids to build more…not just what is in the building instructions but also what comes from their imagination”.

With further ambitions of LEGO Life to go beyond the social media aspect. It has been envisioned that application will become the central hub for all online services in efforts to boost user numbers and overall brand consistency.

Toymakers have been hit hard from the emergence of smartphones and tablets, as children spend increasingly more time in digital play on such devices. However Lego has cautiously managed to buck that trend. Blending the physical and digital play together appealing to both parents and kids.

So what do you think? Have the used the LEGO Life app? Hit me up with some of your finest masterpieces!

Source: LegoGenre

2 thoughts on “Bricking News: Lego uploads new child-friendly social network

    1. Hey Amber! Thanks for commenting! I agree with you, toy manufacturers like lego need to stay relevant by merging onto the digital scene. Without doing this they will miss out on reaching broader audience bases due to their lack of online visibility. I think Lego are ahead of the field by launching a social media platform allowing all products to be aligned back to the base making it easier for consumer use. The game honestly looks very fun and i enjoy the fact that you can share masterpieces of other social media platforms further publicising the game and brand. So what do you think is next for Lego in the digital sphere?


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