Forgotten Mother’s Day? PornHub is here with a helping hand

No longer will Mother’s Day be a g-rated family occasion…well thats what Adult entertainment site, PornHub believe according to their latest promotion.

“If you still don’t know what to get your mum this year PornHub has the solution, ‘Mommy’s Special Glasses’ because she is not just the woman who gave you life, she is a women in her own right with her own desires. A virtual reality (VR) experience that will let her explore new horizons and sensations”, the advert controversially suggests.

The gift which aesthetically looks similar to Google Cardboard folds out from a traditional Mother’s Day greeting card into a functional VR headset enabling a 360-degree pornography viewing experience.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 1.52.09 pm.png
Source: PornHub ‘Mommy’s Special Glasses’ Video
Source: PornHub

Before we investigate further a definition of VR is needed for those who are new to the world of digital marketing. Virtual reality is the more outward-looking cousin to augmented reality and is set to transform the online world. Significant differences are noted between the two technologies however they do also share many features. VR can simply be defined as immersive technology which allows the user into a virtual world via a headset that largely isolates you from the real world.

Still think this is just another marketing gimmick?

Virtual reality is gaining momentum in real estate, alcohol, automotive and sporting markets, so there is no shock that it has infiltrated into the adult entertainment sphere. According to PornHub’s primary research, VR has become one of their fastest growing entertainment categories. Since the founding 30 VR videos were uploaded in 2016, the collection has grown to include over 2,600 videos which are noted to be viewed over 500,000 times a day. Ironically surging to 900,000 views over holiday periods such as Christmas and Mother’s day.

Source: PornHub Insights

“Now, our users are not only able to view our content but also be protagonists in the experience and interact with their favourite porn stars”, says PornHub Vice President, Corey Price.

Further linking PornHub’s success and 250% popularity increase to the accessibility of smartphone powered headsets such as Samsung Gear VR and Google’s Daydream.

So on an ending note what do you think will be the next field to benefit from integrating VR technology into their marketing mix?


2 thoughts on “Forgotten Mother’s Day? PornHub is here with a helping hand

  1. What an eye-catching title haha 😂 Well I think there’s definitely a high demand and market opportunity of VR in the adult entertainment industry. However, I don’t think this Mother’s Day VR promotion is very appropriate. It seems that businesses should really sit back and evaluate whether there really is a need in promoting for every occasion (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc). Sometimes it’s better to just not do anything than coming up with controversial campaigns that may have negative feedbacks.

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    1. Hey! I do agree with you. When reading “mommy’s special glasses” it made me gasp but also continue reading on in intrigue. I think in relation to appropriateness Pornhub and other taboo adult entertainment sites are quite daring in their marketing. I don’t think this is the first controversial campaign they have directed at an audience which you wouldn’t automatically align with their main clientele. However reading the comments and the feedback post launch most consumers took the campaign as light-hearted humour but as you and I both know the risk of public backlash through publishing controversial content of this standard is high.

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