Millennials and chatbots: futuristic Sci-Fi movie or how brands should be using AI?

It is the year of the chatbot. With popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) flourishing, bots are now responding to customer queries, helping users find products and even troubleshooting customer service issues. Inevitably the digital experience is evolving and millennials are at the fore-front, pressuring brands to stay ahead of the curve.

I know what you think, chatbots seem a little sci-fi waiting to conquer to world? Don’t worry just quiz a Gen-Xer about AI and you will see the excitement in their eyes and undoubtably hear a Netflix anecdote. According to predictive marketing company Rocket Fuel, 66% of millennials acknowledge the benefits of brands using AI to help inform and direct their buying decisions.

The Consumer Perceptions of AI Survey found that 80% of 25 to 34 year-olds understand why brands desire to be able to target them with personalised ads and promotions.

Source: Rocket Fuel Infographic

“This is especially true for millennials, who are aware of the value exchange that takes place – they provide brands with personal data and expect to see their information used in ways that provides them with tangible benefits.

“Being able to engage with millennials in a personalised way is the next frontier as brands seek to maintain and increase relevancy in the digital age”, says Rocket Fuel’s Country Manager, Mailee Creacy.

Need a bit more clarity? I know tech-talk can be confusing!

So let’s use the example of the messaging platform, Slack. A website that I have been using recently which does far more robust communicational actions then just chatting, this partly due to it’s bots.

Overrun with bots, Slack has implemented algorithms to automate tasks that traditionally would have been performed by humans. The program uses AI technology to “make work better, easier and more productive”. Ranging from the obvious – bots for translating text and posting photos, it can be seen why millennials are such big fans… they save so much time increasing productivity!

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.19.55 pm

So what more do millennials want from chatbot technology and AI? Maybe a Slackbot that could coordinate lunch orders? Let me know below!


4 thoughts on “Millennials and chatbots: futuristic Sci-Fi movie or how brands should be using AI?

    1. Hey Amber! I agree with you! Post studying digital marketing i was oblivious to chat bots and most things digital however now chat bots appear everywhere! For example when ordering a pizza the other night from Dominos a bot popped up quizzing me on my delivery and order making the process quicker and more efficient! I think chatbots are the future and like you said will slot into our social fabric easily. However do you agree on the commentary of chat-bots an AI possibly over powering humans?


  1. Hey Chloe! I think Chatbots are pretty cool, but they can also be a bit frustrating, especially if they’re used for resolving issues. If I’m already annoyed at a brand for something and then they waste my time by making me speak to an unhelpful bot before a real person, I’m likely to get more annoyed. If the technology is improved and the bots can resolve issues, I have no problem with them! They can be a bit of fun, like the Boost bot, for instance. Although, they have come under fire for their sexually explicit messages which some have deemed harassment. In saying that, the bot only delivers messages that it is programmed with, so it’s not really the bot’s fault in this case! Great piece!


    1. Hey Leah! Thanks for the comment! Yes! The boost bot is the perfect example of a chatbot that targets a millennial demographic that audiences appreciate and also communicate with. I understand where you are coming from in relation to bots problem solving techniques. Some depending on the brand are quite slow and can be infuriating to consumers which are time-conscious and just want to get their errands done. However i feel due to the competitiveness of the field their soon will be an ‘armed race’ sort of incentive to get the best bot on the market first therefore making the entire field lift their game.

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